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Válvulas, instrumentación y automatización

Syncflow's business model is built on four solid pillars from which we offer global solutions tailored to the needs of each client:


The design division of equipment for fluid control, allows to generate customized solutions for special valves and systems. The division of engineering in industrial automation, located in Fondon Redes y Fluidos, develops projects with any communication protocol. We have extensive experience in the FF (FieldBus Foundation) protocol.


Fondon Global brand (FG) is a registered trademark of Fondón Redes y Fluidos, through which the products manufactured by the company are marketed. The objective of this measure is to enhance and amplify the range of solutions that we can offer through our partners in the fluid network and / or Automation market. This strategic action allows us to provide global solutions to any company that demands this type of needs. The facilities of Fondon Redes y Fluidos, serve as headquarters for the management of the production centers of special valves. From this one manages a network of centers that produce the different equipment.


Syncflow offers a wide range of brands and solutions from leading manufacturers and prestigious companies as well as our own quality guaranteed products. We understand that agility and excellence in the services we offer are basic for our future development. As a consequence we use the best systems available in order to achieve efficient marketing management with our clients, through ERP systems and knowledge management which allow us to improve, day by day, in the identification of the needs of our clients.


The ability to represent leading manufacturers in their respective markets allows us to integrate solutions in fluid networks and automation, from the combined experience of all of them and our own.

EXpressure Ex d cabinets by R. STAHL – explosion protection reinvented

The new EXpressure technology revolutionizes explosion protection: EXpressure is the world's first explosion-proof Ex d cabinet that safely releases explosion pressure. Explore the new technology and its advantages in our spectacular video.



In today's chemical and petrochemical industry it is essential to carry out in-process analysis and testing and this necessarily involves having in-line analysers, which is not always feasible, being the most appropriate option to obtain process samples for discontinuous analysis, therefore, the installation of "emission-free" sampling systems is spreading rapidly in plants sensitive to safety, quality and the environment.

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What can we offer?

SYNCFLOW, a company specialized in classified areas of explosion risk EX, aims to be the reference for Panamanian and Caribbean customers who need to provide solutions in their facilities where there is explosion risk, and this may affect workers facilities or nearby population.

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Our Partner R.STAHL in Panama solves limited space in compressor LNG rooms

Solutions for LNG carriers operated worldwide under the most adverse environmental conditions.

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Visit to Hospital del Niño facilities in Panama

Syncflow, as part of its corporate social mission, stablishes a commitment with Panama, on which a part of its profits will be donated to local associations for social purposes.

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